65 Million People Displaced

Amidst the worst displacement crisis since World War II, more continue to be displaced in the face of growing conflict, hunger, and climate change.

1.7 Billion People Unbanked

More than 22% of the global population does not have a bank account, locking them out of the global economy. This is largely due to the lack of identification.

unCHAINed builds identities for refugees and displaced persons,

allowing them to access humanitarian aid resources more quickly and easily. The unCHAINed Digital Identity and Resource Allocation System (DIRAS) also makes the aid distribution process faster, more effective, more secure, and more efficient for humanitarian aid organizations.

How unCHAINed Works

Cutting-edge blockchain technology

Built on the Ethereum network, unCHAINed leverages innovative protocols to link digital token wallets to a distributed and global identity system.


Identity Claims


Identity Contracts


Digital Aid Token

Comprehensive White Paper

The unCHAINed team has prepared a comprehensive white paper that encompasses every detail of the unCHAINed system. Download the unCHAINed white paper here!

The unCHAINed Team

Trevor Campbell
Business Development Lead
Graduated with Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire. Trevor has many years of experience in the fields of biotechnology and pharma, and is a serial entrepreneur. Trevor employs his analytical yet creative problem–solving approach to identify critical project issues and drive developments forward, drawing on his versatile knowledge and skills.
Todd Schultz
Lead Developer
Student of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Todd has previous industry experience designing, testing, and producing ERP software as part of an Agile development team. Todd also has experience deploying and creating the crypto–coin Lovecoin, writing smart contracts, and spends much of his free time researching cloud computing and Web 3.0 software.
Urja Pawar
Full-Stack DApp Developer
Graduated with Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from the National Institute of Technology in Raipur, India. Most recently, Urja has worked as a Data Scientist, however she also has a strong professional and academic background in Android development. Urja is also experienced with truffle and smart contract development, and has been accepted into the ConsenSys Developer Program.
Sam Blumenthal
Communications & Finance
Student of Economics and History at Vanderbilt University. Through his experience working in Finance as a Capital Markets Analyst at Citigroup, and his time as a Business Development analyst at Northside Media Group, Sam has nurtured his entrepreneurial spirit and established a tenacious work ethic that compliments his intellectual curiosity. Sam has a passion for problem–solving and social impact: as a Sophomore in High School he helped organize various events to raise awareness for the famine and drought in the Horn of Africa, and raised over $10,000 worth of aid for these communities.
Madhu Machavarapu
Software Engineer
Graduate student of Computer Science at North Carolina State University, and previously earned his Bachelor’s degree in Technology from the National Institute of Technology in Jalandhar, India. Madhu is an aspiring software engineer, with a focus in the areas of big data and data–centric applications. He is a self–driven, life–long learner who wants to direct his capabilities toward projects with high impact.
Guri Budhraja
Solutions Architect
IT Professional with extensive global experience in Product and Service Engineering with an expertise in Java, Spark, Zeppelin, Kudu, Kafka, TIBCO BusinessWorks, Web Services (REST, SOAP), Spring, Hibernate, Struts, and XML. Guri is competent using multiple open–source technologies and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform. He has a proven track–record of successfully managing numerous client engagements. Guri is motivated by challenging situations requiring creative solutions that lead to efficient processes. He also has experience leading and mentoring geographically distributed teams.

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